Protomo-project adds entrepreneurship programs in Aalto Unversity


Protomo Aalto opened its second project program in Helsinki. Aalto University Small Business Center is responsible for this Protomo shop in Arkadiankatu. There are suitable premises and very ambitious training programs for teams and people with innovative ideas. Protomo Helsinki has three different target groups: teams with their own and innovative idea. The groups can be students and experienced professionals. They have done their ordinary works but are still willing to share their expertise. The third actors can be firms which have their own and in many cases very impressive research and development programs. They can find fresh and open-minded people who can participate in their projects for creating new products or services. In the opening event there were more than 60 people in Arkadiankatu-shop.

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- Protomo-project is a good addition to the existing Aalto University entrepreneurship program. We have Aalto Center of Entrepreneuship, the very innovative organization for our students. Aalto Entrepreneurship Society with its Venture Carage-premises and its versatile events, programs and other content is at least well-known in Europe. Small Business Center with its very professional trainings for entrepreneurs is a strong player in this field. Aalto Start-Up Center is the biggest and best-known business incubator in Finland and in this entity Protomo Aalto is the very useful tool for the different people with their ideas, Vice-President Hannu Seristö introduced the whole offering of entrepreneurship in Aalto University. – We are not still any Stanford with its very wide and globally best-known business environment inside the university, but our aim is to go towards their position, Seristö added and described the targets of Aalto University.

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Immediately to your customers

- When we started our first firm in 1999 we decided to meet our potential customers, immediately and without any serious-taken prototypes. “Slide ware” was enough! In those contacts, we got very fruitful and the best feedback for developing work. After some years very pragmatic and effective sales work we found an American partner and they bought our firm named Smartner Oy. It has created the system which delivers e-mails to the mobile phones. This was a cool thing over ten years ago, entrepreneur and CEO Jussi Räisänen lightened their start-up path. – Now we have – service for people interested in moving. We have had nice start and the future looks promising. But there is a lot of work in front of us. We have learned something in the previous businesses. Perhaps, the biggest things are some kind of un-professionalism and the quick start of sales.In our case, the unprofessionalism meant the listening and the hearing what our potential customers really need and want to buy. We do not have the perfect knowledge from markets and we have to trust on this uncertainty, Räisänen continued his very interesting presentation.

Aalto Protomo successful in Espoo

Project Manager Marja Juvakoski emphasized their results in Otaniemi. – We started 1.5 years ago and now the program has its fourth group in developing their ideas. The spirit is strong and the same issue were told by three teams from Otaniemi which presented their ideas in the opening event in Arkadiankatu.

Fifteen teams in Arkadiankatu very soon

Laura Ahtikoski and Seppo Rantalainen, the organizing team in the Arkadiankatu Protomo-shop, tried to recruit 15 teams until the end of March. – Now we have got seven and we started the marketing just now. We are seeking students from universities in capitol area. The second target group is experienced, maybe just retired experts able to start their businesses here with very supportive people.  


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