Multiform learning methods are used in the training and development offerings of the Aalto University School of Economics Small Business Center. A participant-centered approach and the participants' own activity play a key role both in the training days and in e-learning. the Optima e-learning environment is the tool used in e-learning. Among other things, training-specific learning material and assignments can be found there. Each student gets the guidance material for the use of the learning platform at the beginning of the training. We also have entrepreneurship programs in e-learning both in Finnish "Starttaa yrittäjyyteen" and in English "Start it Up!".

In these training courses those who are planning to start their own business or are already running their business can improve their entrepreneurial know-how. The strength of the e-learning courses of the Small Business Center is the execution: expert trainers in their own subject, often entrepreneurs themselves, work as the instructors of the studies. Studying takes ca. 5-10 hours weekly depending on the student's own investment, subject and the extent of the learning assignments.

The price of the e-learning course includes the teaching, the learning material and e-learning instructions. The students are responsible for the expenses caused by telephone connections and other telecommunication links needed on the e-learning courses. The payment does not include technological support. You will find more information on the e-learning courses used from the course brochures or from the contact persons of the training.

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Project managers: Liisa Raunio or Maija Tamburello, liisa.raunio@aalto.fi or Maija.tamburello@aalto.fi

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