Development programs

The aim of the development programs related to the Russian trade and Finnish-Russian co-operation of the Small Business Center is the improving of the know-how of the company's staff and the competitiveness of companies.

The development programs varies from specializing studies to topical theme days, intensive language training and company-related training. It can be tailored to both export companies operating from Finland and to Finnish companies operating in St. Petersburg.

Development programs are arranged in different areas in Finland. The target groups are carried out in St. Petersburg consist of Finnish companies operating in St. Petersburg, their staff and internationalizing Russian companies.

Examples of training topics aimed at Finns:

  • business culture
  • agreements and risk management
  • international communication skills / language training
  • development and management of customer relationships
  • sales, marketing
  • development of customer service
  • leadership and management
  • international business know-how
  • intensification of export
  • topical and theme seminars

Development programs aimed at Russians are carried out so that the special features in Russia are taken into account in them. Development programs arranged for business incubators, organizations promoting entrepreneurship and innovations and actors in the creative field include periods in Finland.

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