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Goal: Many academic research results remain unexploited, although they have commercial value. The goal of this study curriculum is to help to identify and develop business opportunities both in national as in international markets. After attending this study program the participants are able to evaluate the feasibility and also know the ways and possibilities how to proceed in seizing the business opportunity.

Day 1: Introduction, Goal setting, April 24, 2012
Day 2: Identifying and Developing Opportunities, April 25, 2012
Day 3: Resources to Know-how, June 2012
Day 4: From Research to Commercial Exploitation, September 2012
Day 5: Entrepreneurial Opportunities, September 2012

Tiedot pähkinänkuoressa:

  • Helsinki
  • Kysy seuraavaa aloitusaikaa (5pv)
  • Aira Davidsson, puh. 040 7568 717, aira.davidsson(a)aalto.fi
  • 950 eur (VAT 0%)