EMT ACCESS- project, 06/2011- 12/2013


Every year hundreds of young graduating artists in the Baltic Sea region become aspiring professionals operating in the same market. However, a lot of arts graduates don't have the skills to become entrepreneurs and the models used in the business sector to develop the necessary skills are not directly applicable and neither effective in the creative field.

Project "Access" aims to build a framework for art students and arts graduates to foster and support their competence in creative industries . This will help them in developing their knowledge and skills which are necessary when working in the creative economy and will raise their competitiveness in the Baltic market as a whole.

The end results of the project include:

  • A complex study of the existing creative industry development strategies, of various employment possibilities, role of universities in the lifelong learning and of how arts are applied in the society.
    The study will include a development plan to increase the self-employment and entrepreneurial competence of art professionals in the future.
  • New Baltic interdisciplinary show-case festival that initiates the debate on the artistic employability, wider networking and regional cooperation.
  • 5 different charity events organized by cultural management students as part of their work practice which helps to improve their skills on festival management.
  • 2 training modules for arts graduates and professional artists to increase their competence in employability and entrepreneurial skills. One training module will be for universities and the other for the lifelong learning program.

Project activities will take place in Tallinn, Estonia and in Helsinki, Finland. Partners of the project are: Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Estonia,Tallinn (leading partner); Aalto University , School of Economics, Small Business Center (HSE SBC), Finland; Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia (Tallinn); Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden (Stockholm) .

More information:

Aalto University, School of Economics, Small Business Center




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