FIN-EST start-up Development Programme FINEST startups 05/2011 – 08/2013

The FINEST startups project contributes to the development and competitiveness of the program area, Finland and Estonia.  It helps creative and ambitious entrepreneurial people with bright business ideas in different fields (IT, gaming industry, biotech, medicine, energy, creative economy, social entrepreneurship etc) to form their ideas into real and successful international businesses. 

The project is aimed at helping, matchmaking and networking those entrepreneurial people who are intent on transforming their business ideas into businesses. The project also aims to help entrepreneurs find international and local partners, meet potential investors, gain practical hands on knowledge of global trends, and understand business modeling through a combination of practical workshops and networking events for Estonian and Finnish startups. Through the use of mentors and bright role models from internationally successful startups, new businesses can learn.

The goal is to encourage people to work with their business ideas in the pre-seed phase so that they can get to the next level, and ready themselves for investment, thereby creating future success stories in Finland and Estonia.


The main objective of this project is to strengthen the region’s competitiveness and the level of innovation by increasing the number and international competitiveness of FIN and EE startups.

In order to achieve the objective the project will

  • Foster the entrepreneurial mind-set by introducing internationally successful startups from FIN and EE to the larger public and bring the world class startups from all over the world to the region to share their experiences and act as role models for FIN and EE potential startups.
  • Map and benchmark startup ecosystems in both countries in order to create a logical and consistent startup support structure covering all phases and target groups. 
  • Build a pipeline of high quality pre-seed startups in order to have a sufficient amount of projects to work with-in the next phases (seed and early stage startups).
  • Generate new business ideas by building networks and matchmaking people with different backgrounds, developing necessary skills and sharing knowhow on how to build internationally scalable business models, and introducing latest trends in different fields.


The expected result of the project is that a minimum of 10 new internationally competitive startups will be created.  The direct results of this project are following:

  • increase of entrepreneurial mindset, interest and willingness to start new businesses
  • startup ecosystems are in line and well-coordinated creating a logical and consistent startup support structure covering all phases and target groups
  • there is a sufficient pipeline of high quality pre-seed startups as well as a sufficient amount of projects to work with in next phases.

FINEST startups project is carried out by the following partners:

Lead Partner         Estonian Development Fund, Estonia
Partners         Aalto University School of Economics Small Business Center, Finland
        Enterprise Estonia, Estonia
        BDA Consulting OÜ, Estonia
        AS Technopolis Ülemiste, Estonia
Additional Partners    MTÜ STARTUP GARAGE, Estonia
        Technopolis Oyj, Finland

Project received funding from Central Baltic Interreg IV A Programme 2007-2013 European Regional Development Fund.

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