EST-FIN Health and Welfare Institutions Cooperation Network (HEWENET) -project, 12/2010- 08/2013

The project addresses the problem of social security through increasing the quality and efficiency of operation of health care and welfare institutions. The main goal of the project is to increase social security and wellbeing of different social groups through cooperation network and increased efficiency of management and client friendliness of health and social welfare organizations. More specifically, the project has the following sub-goals in order to achieve main goals:

  • Creating a functioning cooperation network
  • Increasing the efficiency of the services of health and social welfare institutions
  • Increasing client friendliness of health and social welfare institutions and organizations
  • Increasing development of quality of health and social welfare institutions and organizations.

The project will contribute to the development of new knowledge and training programmes, which help to repair the efficiency, customer friendliness and quality of health and social welfare in both cross-border regions. The end results of the project include:

  • more efficient management of welfare organizations
  • raised work satisfaction and motivation
  • raised customer service level
  • wider circle of experience sharing by experts in cross-border region

The following tools to improve management quality have been created:

  • Competency model project has been created in order to evaluate knowledge and education of all welfare managers. Gaps between necessary level of knowledge and real level of knowledge will be established.
  • Training programs have been developed to train all welfare managers based on gaps in their education.
  • Pilot trainings for the managers of health and social welfare institutions and organizations have taken place in order to assure high quality training programs.
  • Continuous cross-border networking of healthcare and welfare managers is created.

Project activities will take place in Tallinn, Estonia and in Helsinki, Finland. The impact of the project is wider - it will also cover all Estonia and Southern Finland because the Stakeholders organizations also have branches outside the program area.

Partners of the project are: Helsinki School of Economics Small Business Center (HSE SBC), Finland, - project partner; Tallinn University of Technology (TUT), Estonia - lead partner.

Project additional partners in Finland are: Lilinkoti Foundation, Niemikoti Foundation, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK/Union of Social Industry Employers, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Lahti Region Development Company Lakes Oy/Welfare Cluster.

Project received financing from Central Baltic Interreg IV A Programme 2007-2013 European Regional Development Fund.

More information:

Aalto University, School of Economics, Small Business Center

Jorma Pohtola, Project Manager, Tel. +358 40 3538269, jorma.pohtola(at)



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