HOME MARKET - Single Home CBR Market 08/2011- 12/2013

Despite the common markets within the EU, entrepreneurs from the countries of the Central Baltic region -Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden - face considerable challenges in introducing their activities to or starting up new business in the neighboring countries. The difficulties are related to differences in business legislation, business environment, ethics and cultural differences.

The main aim of the project is to implement a system for internationalization and develop a platform where the innovative small and medium sized companies can have access to cross border capital, cross border business integration, start-up business local incubation advantages, and - much more effectively and on much earlier stage of their development - create cross-border business partnerships. 

Development activities and processes

To growth companies: The Seed Forum process ( ) to be conducted as a part of the project, gives to born global companies seeking capital an unique opportunity to present their business concepts to investors. The international and local investor matchmaking forums will be facilitated. The companies presenting to investors will be nominated, selected and trained in the process to secure that the companies are investor-ready for the international Seed Forum arenas. 

To business support organizations: The partners will create new national and transnational regional financial tools, new grant schemes and design national Action Plans to improve cross-border business co-operation in the Central Baltic Region. The Seed Forum Alumni Network and venture capital networks will be developed and cross-border internationalization test cases and HOME MARKET concept will be promoted. 


  • Removal of political, legislative, psychological barriers and cultural and historical differences for cross-border business co-operation and regional internationalization
  • Creation of a self-sustainable cross border capital raising system for innovative, born global SMEs 
  • Creation and implementation of cross-border incubation as best regional business practice
  • Creation and appropriation of an effective internationalization and partner search platform for SMEs
  • An integration of all of the processes as a single HOME MARKET concept

Lead partner: Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, Riga (LV)
Partners: Aalto University Foundation, Small Business Center. Helsinki (FI)
Seed Forum Latvia Foundation, Riga (LV)
Society Kurzeme Business Incubator, Liepaja (LV)
State Regional Development Agency, Riga (LV)
Valmiera Business and Innovation Incubator, Valmiera (LV)
Seed Forum Estonia Foundation, Tallinn (EE)
Foundation Tallinn Science Park TEHNOPOL, Tallinn (EE)
Estonian Development Fund, Tallinn (EE)

Project receives financing from the Central Baltic Interreg IV A Programme 2007-2013 (ERDF).

More information:

Aalto University, School of Economics, Small Business Center

Katri Liekkilä, Project Manager, Tel. +358 50 3499 203, katri.liekkila(at)


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