Rail Baltica Growth Corridor Russia (RBGC Russia)

RBGC Russia is a sister project to the on-going Rail Baltica Growth Corridor project. Both projects address the issues of Rail Baltica, the transport corridor from Helsinki to Berlin, which is a crucial gateway for global passenger and trade flows between Europe, Russia and Asia.

RBGC Russia strives to resolve the problems affecting passenger and freight traffic between Russia and EU Member States in the Baltic Sea Region.

The purpose of RBGC Russia is to extend the activities of the on-going RBGC project beyond the EU borders and fully involve North-West Russia to contribute to and benefit from the joint development work in the Baltic Sea Region.

The RBGC Russia objectives

  • to identify the relevant national and transnational public and private actors of the transport sector in North-West Russia
  • to stimulate the policy dialogue between high-level decision makers in the field of transport and regional development
  • to improve the accessibility of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast from the Baltic Sea Region
  • to increase the interoperability of logistics centers in the project area
  • to promote multimodal connections and sustainable passenger and freight traffic in north-south direction

The set of the project activities facilitates prerequisites to fully exploit the potential of Rail Baltica region for economic growth. RBGC Russia includes several concrete pilot activities based on the empirical stakeholder research.

The RBGC actions

  • Connectivity Pilot focusing on designing a virtual travel planner for the project region
  • Logistics Pilot increasing the interoperability of logistics centers in the project area
  • Empirical research on the public and private decision-makers in the field of transport and regional development
  • Launching of the cooperation platform Rail Baltica Transport Forum that works to elaborate the Rail Baltica Growth Strategy

The project is expected

  • to improve the accessibility and interoperability in North-West Russia and the EU-states in Baltic Sea Region
  • to build a multimodal transport network that connects all major forms of transport (rail, road, sea, air) in an economically sustainable and environmentally friendly way
  • to create new service products for global freight flows
  • to enhance the competitiveness of North-West Russia and the Eastern part of the Baltic Sea Region as a whole

The RBGC Russia project is funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Russia.

Project activities are carried out from September 2010 to December 2013.


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