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The Aalto University School of Business Small Business Center involved as a project partner in the Smart Community project. The project contributes to the HA Promo, which highlights the region's strengths and helps to join forces in the internal and external promotion of the region. The overall goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region and to show that the region fulfils the Europe 2020 Strategy goals.

Smart community focuses on smart specialization of local community and creative enterprises, thereby promoting entrepreneurship, that would contribute in earning and maintaining a distinctive, positive and competitive regional reputation. Likewise, Smart Community contributes to creating networks and encouraging cooperation between entrepreneurs, educational institutions and other stakeholders for regional development.

The actions involved in the main project are divided into two somewhat simultaneous sets:

  1. strategic promotion of the regional identities through smart specialisation of community and creative entrepreneurship
  2. embedding the identities - outreach activities, advertising and communication

Outputs of the seed money project

Output 1. State of play in the field addressed by the project including an overview of complementary projects.

Output 2. Plan for the main stage project containing work plan, composition of the partnership, budget plan.

Output 3. Report on funding possibilities and steps to be taken after the seed money project is finalised.

Project involves collaboration of 4 partners from 3 Baltic Sea Region countries:

  • University of Tartu, Centre for Entrepreneurship, Estonia
  • Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
  • Aalto University School of Business, Small Business Center, Finland
  • Ventspils University College, Centre for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Regional Development, Latvia

Contact person in Aalto University School of Business Small Business Center:

Natalia Narits, e-mail:

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