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The Aalto University School of Business Small Business Center involved as a project partner in TAB FAB project. During the project time the project partners within the Seed Money phase will investigate potential funding sources from the next MFF 2014-2020 period. It is planned in the next MMF 2014-2020 to fund the project from European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) programme sources, as well as to develop subproject idea of the main programme. The possibility, scope and title of the project proposal will be approved within Seed Money by project partners. Other potential partner organizations from BSR and possible funding sources will also be identified.

The Ministry of Culture of Latvia as the lead partner of the project will take on the responsibility for management, communication, implementation and co-ordination of TAB FAB project activities among the partners involved in project.

The Ministry of Culture of Latvia Will draft a work plan of the main project and the partners will give their input to the draft by e-mail. The following deriverables will be provided:

  • After project meetings: reports on the state of play.
  • Main Project plan (including budget and partnership).
  • Report on funding possibilities.
  • Final report covering all the work, objectives, results and conclusions.

At seed money stage it is planned to broaden the partnership.

Project involves collaboration of 5 partners from 5 Baltic Sea Region countries:

  1. Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia (Latvia) – lead partner.
  2. Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuania) – partner.
  3. Aalto University School of Bussines Small Bussines Center (Finland) – partner.
  4. Amicus Society (Poland) – partner.
  5. Creative Estonia (Estonia) – partner.

Contact person in Aalto University School of Business Small Business Center:

Natalia Narits, e-mail:

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