Business opportunities for European Young Entrepreneurs - Biz4EYE

1.2.2015 - 31.1.2017 SEP-210194257

Basing on the Erasmus for Entrepreneurs Programme overall objectives to facilitate young entrepreneurs' access to on-the job transnational training, to enhance entrepreneurship culture and encourage cross-border training in Europe, Biz4EYE project will promote entrepreneurship to allow young entrepreneurs to practice business in real scenario, supporting them in the creation and development of their companies.

The main goal of the Biz4EYE project is to further implementation the EYE programme locally, thus broadening the existing network of Intermediary Organizations and offering potential business opportunities both to new entrepreneurs as well as to experienced ones. The specific objectives will be to promote the project on a national/regional/local level, stimulating engagement and participation, recruiting potential applicants and assisting them during before/during-after the mobility period.

The project addressed to young entrepreneurs who are firmly convinced to start a business (providing a substantiated Business Plan) or are in the business for less than 3 years but in the need to grow, and to successful entrepreneurs in the business for at least 3 years. The EYE programme is open to everyone active in different market sectors, Biz4EYE project will focus in particular on creative enterprises, considered a powerful engine for the economic development of the EU market. Biz4EYE project actions will focus on enhancing and stimulating entrepreneurship locally; facilitating international outlook; increasing the competitiveness of the participant countries' entrepreneurs (I, PT, LV, PL, FI) within the creative and cultural market sector.

Project partners: BIC Lazio Spa, Italy (LP); Value Services S.p.A., Italy; ADDICT - Agência para o Desenvolvimento das Indústrias Criativas, Portugal; Fundacja Mobile Open Society Through Wireless Technology, Poland; Rigas Starptautiska Ekonomikas un Biznesa Administracijas Augstskola, Latvia; AALTO-KORKEAKOULUSAATIO, SBC / Start-up Center.

Project received financing from EC Cosme Programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

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Marika Paakkala,
Natalia Narits,


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